We know we belong here when we find within our own body the one ground that connects intimately and directly with all life.
— Judith Blackstone, Realization Process founder

A Direct Path
You can find a direct path to wholeness and joy within the subtlest dimension of your own body. You can uncover a vibrant stillness that connects you intimately with all life. As you open into this unified ground of being, you discover an ease in belonging here and being yourself.

Your Inner Compass
I invite you to come home to your deepest embodied knowing. I've developed a subtle process called Whole Body, Whole Being Inquiry: an ongoing orientation to this loving-sensing-aware dimension of your essential self. This “inner compass” allows you to resonate with what is true and recognize what is not.

The Realization Process
The cornerstone for my own life and my work with clients is Realization Process, a gentle, precise path for opening to our innate happiness. A Senior Realization Process Teacher, I am humbled by the power of this profound work to transform lives.

My Invitation to You
Your body is a portal into this sacred ground that connects you intimately and directly with your true nature. A spiritual guide and mentor, I invite you to join me on a journey home—to feel more alive, more at home in your own skin, more connected to yourself and to other people.

Jon is an exceptionally gifted, skillful, and experienced Realization Process Teacher. His warm, grounded presence conveys a sense of safety, integrity, connection and acceptance for anyone who works with him. He has a deep understanding and mastery of the Realization Process principles and practices, and has realized the pervasive love and clarity of fundamental consciousness. I highly recommend him.
— Judith Blacksone, Realization Process founder