Embodied Nondual Awakening
The Realization Process is a direct path to embodied nondual awakening developed by Judith Blackstone. In addition to Judith, the three senior training teachers of Realization Process include Jon Hansen, Roma Hammel and Marcia Haarer. 

Individual Wholeness and Unity with All Life
The Realization Process offers a series of gentle yet immensely powerful practices for directly realizing our fundamental, non-dual dimension of consciousness. This dimension is the basis of both our individual wholeness and our spiritual unity with all life.

Fundamental Consciousness
Opening into fundamental consciousness is a foundational aspect of the Realization Process. Fundamental consciousness is the unconstructed, unified ground of our being.  It appears spontaneously as we deepen and refine our contact with ourselves. It is experienced (or experiences itself) as luminous transparency and stillness.  All of the movement of life--our thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions--flow through the stillness of fundamental consciousness without altering it.

Refining the Senses
The work also awakens the subtle channels of the body, develops and refines the breath/energy system, refines the senses so that you can see, hear and touch on a subtler level and integrates presence and emptiness.

Letting Go Your Habitual Grip
The practices prepare you to let go of your habitual grip on yourself throughout your whole body and being, so that fundamental consciousness can spontaneously emerge and stabilize.

Releasing Holding Patterns
The Realization Process also includes a unique embodied approach to psychological and relational healing by applying fundamental consciousness to the release of psychological holding patterns.

Stabilizing Nondual Realization
The Realization Process deepens and stabilizes nondual realization for both beginning and advanced practitioners.