Cultivating Depth
The rich quality of my life experience emanates from my ongoing whole body,whole being inquiry and deepening realization. I support men, women and couples in cultivating this depth and richness in themselves and each other.

Healing in Nature
Throughout my life I’ve immersed myself in the intimate solitude and communion of nature's wilderness and beauty. These ongoing immersions in nature and the process of my deepening realization have helped me heal childhood wounds and meet the challenges of my relationship with the world.  

Polishing the Mirror
Living in rural Mendocino County California during my twenties, I often visited a local reserve of ancient redwoods. I’d hike through the cathedral groves to visit a particularly old and magnificent tree. My relationship with this ancient grandfather tree became an ongoing revelation of awe, stillness and love. I found a living symbol and mirror for my deepest nature and capacity. I’ve continued to visit this sacred grove and tree for over forty years. I focus on this profound healing and resonance with nature when I guide participants in my Realization Process in Old Growth workshops.

The Call to Teach
Over the years I’ve been called more and more deeply to share my love of exploring and opening into wholeness. As a high school English teacher, I developed a nationally-recognized model curriculum called “Rites of Passage.” Fifteen years ago, as a life coach and mentor, I followed my passion for guiding adults into deeper clarity in their envisioning and articulating what’s true for them. My ongoing exploration and realization has led me to my current role as a Mentor and Realization Process Senior Teacher, which I experience as a further integration, empowerment, and evolution of my teaching.

Honoring my Teachers
Over the last decade my intensive work with Judith Blackstone and the Realization Process has allowed me to realize within my own body the one ground that connects me intimately and directly with all life.

I’ve also had the good fortune to be mentored by other gifted teachers who have helped me open beyond my conditioned identity into the unity and wholeness of essential being. Robert Greenway, Sally Kempton, and Adyashanti have been primary teachers. I’ve also been deeply inspired by the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Byron Katie and Rupert Spira.

These teachings live in me and add to the richness and presence I share with clients.

Degrees, Certifications, Memberships

  • Senior Realization Process Teacher 
  • Ongoing Realization Process trainings and workshops with Judith Blackstone 
  • Master of Science in Educational Psychology, Northern Illinois University 
  • Certified Professional Coach, Academy of Coach Training, Washington 
  • Member, International Coach Federation 
  • Certified Facilitator, SoulCollage