Individual Mentoring

I work with clients individually, in person in Portland, Oregon, and globally via Skype and Zoom. 

Clients often come to me suffering from a lack of self-trust, self-love, and self-worth. Opening together in fundamental consciousness begins the process of restoring trust. We experience wholeness pervading both of us. It is the sacred nature of our connection that allows you to experience love disentangled from confusion, shame, and fear. In this intimate space, you can gently meet and gradually release the bindings that separate you from your authentic self. Over time, as we sit together, we attune more and more deeply to fundamental consciousness, which allows unresolved issues from your life to be recognized, experienced, and released. In this process, you come to realize the essential goodness of your true nature. Joy, steadiness, and an ease of being spontaneously emerge. 

Clients tell me: I offer an open, generous heart; I provide warmth, safety and steadiness; I listen deeply; I track intricate threads of meaning; I express a loving, grounded and wise presence; and I hold and reflect back to them a clear, palpable sense of their own wholeness. 

Contact Jon to schedule a complimentary exploratory session.

Realization Process Groups
Whole Body, Whole Being Inquiry Group:
Sacred Online Space with Jon Hansen

1st and 3rd Tuesdays via Zoom
Two Group Offerings:
Option A: 10:30 to 11:45 am Pacific Time
Option B:  3:00 to 4:15 pm Pacific Time
August 6, 2019 through January 21, 2020

Jon Hansen, senior Realization Process teacher, invites you to embody your whole self through an inquiry-based approach to the Realization Process called “Whole Body, Whole Being.” A skillful mentor and experienced life guide, Jon teaches all facets of RP. The ongoing nature of the group creates a sacred space for honest exploration and intimate sharing-- so that participants may live and breathe their ever-deepening realizations in daily life.

Minimum commitment: six months (twelve sessions - participating in 10 of 12 sessions “live.”)

August 6, 20; September 3, 17; October 1,15; November 5, 19; December 3, 17; January 7, 20, 2020.

$100 per month, $550 prepaid for six months.

Plus an option to add private sessions discounted to $140 per hour.

Audio recordings will be available.

Contact Jon for more information and/or to schedule a free exploratory session

Realization Process in Nature Workshops

Old growth “cathedral” forests in the Pacific Northwest are ancient, tall, complex, unspoiled, quiet and beautiful. They have the power to take your breath away, to evoke wonder and gratitude, and to deepen your connection to life and mystery. In this workshop near Portland, Oregon we will open into the space pervading us and the rich environment of old growth forests. Meandering through the forest, we will explore and experience the core teachings of Realization Process.  Read More.

Realization Process Meditation Teacher Certification Training

Participants will learn practices for nondual awakening, for accelerating results for both beginning and advanced students, and for helping people overcome specific obstacles to embodied nondual realization. The 2019 training focuses on the Meditation aspect of Realization Process. The training is also an opportunity to deepen your own nondual realization, through intensive practice. Read More.