Mentoring and Relationship Workshops for Couples

Transforming My Primary Relationship
My wife Ellen and I have been living and exploring Realization Process together for several years. Our commitment to Realization Process continues to transform our relationship in ways we could have never conceived possible.

Intimacy and Realization
Couples work focuses on practices that partners can share together to deepen and refine both their intimacy and their nondual spiritual realization. The Realization Process practices are used to help partners attune to each other from the source of awareness, love and sensation in the subtle core of the body, and to experience each other in the unbounded, nondual space of fundamental conscioiusness while remaining grounded in their own bodies.

Benefits of Couples Work
These are some of the benefits from Realization Process couples work:

  • Experience oneness with each other in the clear, unified space of fundamental consciousness 
  • Develop subtle energetic contact with each other by connecting from the chakras and channels of the body
  • Deepen and integrate awareness, love and physical sensation
  • Balance oneness and individuality: open to each other without losing inward contact with yourself
  • Refine the senses so that you can see, hear and touch each other on a more subtle level
  • Resolve conflicts by communicating with each other in the clear space of fundamental consciousness
  • Understand and release the defenses and projections that limit your contact and communication
  • Contact each other through the internal depth of the whole body
  • Attune to the spiritual essence of awareness, love and physical sensation
  • Develop, tolerate and sustain greater intensity of sexual pleasure