Realization Process Groups

Realization Process groups offer an opportunity to learn and practice Realization Process both individually and interactively.  

Practices for Relating in Fundamental Consciousness
The Realization Process includes practices for relating with other people in the unified, pervasive space of fundamental consciousness.

These practices teach you:

  • how to remain in your own body as you experience oneness with other people
  • how to relate with other people from the subtle core of the body
  • how to develop the relational capacities of awareness, emotion and physical sensation
  • how to see, hear and touch other people with the "bare perception" of fundamental consciousness
  • how to dissolve the defenses and projections that keep us from being intimate

Meditations within groups: 

  • develop subtle attunement and contact with each other
  • integrate oneness and individuality
  • facilitate awakening into and stabilizing in/as nondual realization

Unity of Consciousness
When participants within a group attune to nondual consciousness together, they experience mutual transparency: a single expanse of consciousness pervading them as a unity.  They also experience resonant connection between the essential qualities of their being, such as intelligence, love and physical sensation.

Heal and Deepen All Relationships
The relational attunement practices can help heal and deepen all types of relationships, including familial and professional.